Orange Class, Stanley Road Primary School

In February I received a lovely letter from Charlotte Broadhurst, inviting me to visit her school, Stanley Road Primary, in Worcester, as part of all the events they were doing for their Book Month. So I did! We had a fun afternoon together and I was particularly impressed with their super-organized, post-it utilized, question-asking method (patent pending), where they’d carefully written out all their questions on coloured post-it notes, and stuck them onto a poster. Thank you so much to Charlotte for the invitation and to everyone in lovely Orange Class for a great time and for making and signing this beautiful card for me, which I shall treasure.

Orange Class and I even had a mention in the Worcester News! You can read it here: ?

Troublesome Clumsies

This week I visited the delightful Year 2 of Danes Hill School and was planning to present them with a very Smart and Tidy poster I’d been preparing for the occasion. Unfortunately, the Clumsies got to it first. Fortunately, everyone was very understanding, and we had a lovely time. Thank you to all at Danes Hill and especially to Lucy Keat!

Chocolate biscuit

Purvis writes: This is a chocolate biscuit.

Mickey Thompson writes: I had 27 in one go!

Purvis writes: No he didn’t.

Mickey Thompson writes: I did.

Howard writes: Enough.

Mickey Thompson writes: It wasn’t, I could have eaten loads more. 39, or 50.

Howard writes: No.

Mickey Thompson writes: 110. A MILLION.

Howard writes: No.

Charlie Ratcliffe’s biscuits – Fruit Shortcake

Howard writes: Sometimes known as the Fruit Shrewsbury, the Fruit Shortcake is a pleasant biscuit of which I am fond.

Mickey Thompson writes: I didn’t make mistakes about the Iced Party Rings, only a little bit about the stripes. Also, if you want a mince pie but haven’t got one, a Fruit Shortcake tastes nearly the same if you take a big mouthful and chew it up  a lot.

Iced Party Rings – Analysis

Mickey Thompson was wrong about some of what he said about the Iced Party Rings. We got a packet to test and I have made a graph about it. Here is my graph, love from Purvis.

Biscuits by Charlie Ratcliffe

I’m very taken with some rather beautiful biscuit drawings done by the artist Charlie Ratcliffe. I’ve now got enough for a whole selection box and he’s kindly allowed me to share them with you, so let’s put the kettle on and examine the first:

Mickey Thompson writes: ‘This is an Iced Party Ring biscuit. I like it very much. It is quite a hard biscuit, and sweet. The icing is pink with a yellow stripey bit, which is cheerful. One or several of these would cheer me up if I was feeling a little bit sad. In a packet of these biscuits you also get yellow ones, which have a brown stripe I think, and another colour, which I can’t remember. It might be white, with a pink stripe. And there might be a light purple one in there too. I’m not sure what colour stripe that one has. I don’t think they have green ones. They might have orange ones though. I need to get a packet to check, I’ll be back in a minute.”

Shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize!

The Clumsies make a mess has been shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. As you can see from Nicola Slater’s drawing above, Purvis and Mickey Thompson are very, VERY pleased and excited. So are Ortrud and Allen and Howard, and so am I. Howard’s bought a big box of biscuits, to celebrate. HURRAY!

Big Show!!!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together and give a very warm welcome to this beautiful cover for book 3: THE CLUMSIES MAKE A MESS OF THE BIG SHOW! HURRAY!!!

Mickey Thompson’s cake review: part 3

Today Howard was cross and he went away and came back again with a big bag of mixed cakes. He got them from the cake shop. In the bag there were a lot of different cakes.  I am going to write a review about the bag of mixed cakes.

1. There was a thing called a carrot cake but it wasn’t orange like a carrot, it was brown like a cake, but it did have bits of dark orange stuff in, which could have been carrot, but it didn’t taste of carrot, it tasted of cake. It had soft icing on top and a carrot on top of that, but it wasn’t a real carrot, it was a model of a carrot. It didn’t taste like a carrot, it tasted like a sweet, but not quite as nice. Ortrud liked this cake and I had some of it too.

2. And there was a piece of chocolate cake, which was very dark brown. Some chocolate cakes are paler brown. Some are almost black. This one was quite wet. Some chocolate cakes are quite dry. And it was very nice. All chocolate cakes are nice. I ate all of this cake apart from a small bit of it which Purvis took before I could stop him getting it.

3. And there was a jam doughnut. It didn’t have any nuts in it, it had jam in it. The jam was very nice. It was bright red. I like this kind of jam very much. It was much better than the usual jam we have, which is quite nice but there is more stuff in it and it is not as bright and not as sweet. This was more of a purer jam, and a very pretty colour. I don’t know why we can’t have this kind of jam more often, not just in the doughnut, as it would go very well on a lot of different things, like toast, or bread, or with other cakes, or just on a spoon. The doughnut was very nice and it would have been even nicer if there had been a little bit more of the jam.

4. And there was a thing called a slice of bread pudding. Howard said this counts as a cake. I liked this very much. It was a very solid thing, and quite wet. There were bits of fruit in it, and bits of sugar on it. I couldn’t find any bread.

5. And there was a thing called a macaroon. This was very nice. It was round and big and flat and chewy, which I wasn’t expecting. It would have been even nicer if we’d had some of that bright red jam to put all over it.

Love from Mickey Thompson x

Be-winged Sausage

Sausage wasn’t too keen on this outfit, but I think he looks charming.